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Beate Öttl
3 min readMay 22, 2022


How I feel after posting on medium consistently for over a year

I can not really believe that I posted on medium (somewhat) consistently for over a year now. And there certainly were ups and downs.

Here is my reflection on one year of writing, with learnings and how this blog has helped me to grow 🌱

I started my medium blog as a “UX-Design | Content Strategy” portfolio where I share experiences and learnings from my Master's Studies in Content Strategy as well as my work as a UX Designer.

Starting out, it was very hard for me. And I am not even talking about writing itself, even the thought of finding a topic would petrify me. I had somehow raised a standard for myself that I could not fulfill at the time, and it was really holding me back.

me, a year ago, whenever I had to find new topics for my blog #scaredhamster

Thus, I began to approach writing in a more structured way, by collecting a catalog of ideas. This made it less scary to approach new topics.

Learning 1: Collect a Catalog with possible ideas for posts. Ongoing.

I was also scared of “not knowing enough” to write a blog, but one of my biggest learnings is certainly that you don’t have to be an absolute expert to be able to share thoughts and experiences.

Learning 2: You can be an informed beginner. And that’s ok.

This changed my perspective quite a bit. I worried less, and I wrote more. And at some point, I even started to enjoy it and was less scared.

I even started to share some of my work on other platforms like Linkedin and Reddit. I thought to myself: “If I can even just inform or inspire one person with my content then I am absolutely doing a good job”.

Learning 3: You don’t have to impress the masses. Be ok with a (VERY) small audience.

This got me to the point where I even started a second blog — thrive🌱, where I share productivity and personal growth tips.

It dawned on me that I had developed some confidence in writing.

me, half a year ago, when I felt confident enough to have not one, but two blogs

But, as I mentioned — I hit some lows along the way as well.

Seeing the good performance of some of my posts increased pressure on me. If I wanted it or not. Somehow in the back of my mind, I thought: “The next post has to perform even better!” And guess what happened?

Well, it didn’t.

And even when I told myself that it didn’t really matter, it had an influence on my thinking and writing. There is just no way to avoid it, other than to never ever look at stats maybe.

me, trying to ignore stats, pretending that they have no influence on my writing

I learned that I have to look at the value this blog has for me. Because it shows my journey over the past year in so many ways. Looking back, I wrote about topics that were relevant to me at the time and I learned something from every post that I wrote.

Learning 4: Focus on topics that help you develop.

And that is what has kept me going and will keep me going. I am not really sure where this journey is going, but it is certainly not the end of it, that’s for sure.

I am passionate about design, psychology, productivity, and personal growth.

I talk about topics to help you to build the life you desire by managing your time 🕐, setting goals ✨, and building good habits 👍. Learn how you can trick your brain into doing what you are meant to do.

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